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The Frounze Commander

What is the Frounze Commander and what is it for?

It's a Norton Commader-like shell for MSDOS. I started this project 5 years ago and worked hard on it for 2 years. I wanted to make my own commander because there are some features in NC that I don't like very much.

The Frounze Commander is a 1st my serious project. I was learning Turbo Pascal on it. And I think that I've learnt it quite well. Btw, FCOM is fully written in Pascal. Main program doesn't have any ASM source. So you may also try to learn from its source or find out how some things work.

FCOM is a fully working compact program. Some my acquaintances (about 10 people) and I use it instead of standard NC because it's a nice and convinient shell. Really, just check it out.


I don't think it's needed to list them down... General functions are supported and that's enough for the beginning. There is a hot-key list included to the package, so you can find out what is present and what is not.
I'll just show some very useful function implemantations:

Okay, that's enough. The rest you'll find yourself.

You can download sources and binaries here:

The Frounze Commander v4.01 binaries (108 KB)
The Frounze Commander v4.01 sources (40 KB)

Have fun! :)