3d Graphics/Engines

Lab3d - In Borland Pascal
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src: lab3d.zip
exe: lab3ddem.zip
My 3-D engine resembling the great Wolfenstain 3-D game. My engine is much cooler now. All sources and data files. If compiled by yourself engine does not work fine (walls textured badly) download the bp7_tpl.zip archive 


- Same height orthogonal walls 
- Opening doors 
- Textured walls, floors and ceilings 
- Depth shading 
- Moving 2d sprites 
- Sound effects for the doors 
- Game physics


TMap - In Borland Pascal
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src: tmap.zip
exe: tmapdem.zip
My demo about perfect texture mapping. It shows some diferrent algorithms of the perfect texture mapping. I mean optimized algorithms. It looks like rotating cube. All sources and data files are available. FREE OF BUGS NOW! 


- Texture mapping method choosing 
- Vertical retrace waiting switch 
- Moving the cube closer and farther 
- Scanline subdivision method with linear interpolation for each group of 8/16 screen pixels (optimized for the Pentium processor) is also available.


Mood - In Borland Pascal / Watcom C
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src: pmood.zip
exe: pmooddem.zip
src: cmood.zip
exe: cmooddem.zip
This is my first true 3d engine. It looks like the great Doom game  and has some benefits over the Doom. See features.This engine was written in Borland Pascal v7.0 and Turbo Assembler v3.2. Don't laugh! That's true. Not only C programmers can program cool 3d engines and games. This engine doesn't use BSP trees. It uses simple portal rendering.

Features of Pascal version: 

- Convex rooms with different height of floors and ceilings (windows, stairs) 
- Non-orthogonal walls 
- Texture mapped floors, walls and ceilings 
- Looking up and down is available now 
- Different perspective correct texture mappers (1st without optimizations, 2nd with linear interpolation for groups of 8 screen pixels and 3rd with linear interpolation for groups of 16 screen pixels) which can be switched at the running time 
- Map viewer (also can be launched at the running time) 
- FPS counter 
- improved Z-buffer and simple polygonal 3d objects (in compiled for Protected Mode version only) 

Features that differs in C version:

- No Z-Buffer rendering (I've not found a bug yet) 
- High resolution gfx modes are available (640x400 and 640x480) 
- Smart Filtering (really cool technique of smoothing/filtering) 


ZBuf - In Watcom C
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src: zbuf.zip
exe: zbufdem.zip
It draws one/two texturemapped spinning cubes at the screen. In fact, it's a demo of perspective correct texturemapping (with two divides per pixel) and Z-buffer algorythm. All source and data files. There is the old algorithm of my own. Don't mail me about that. 15.11.98

Pyramid - In DJGPP C
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pyramide.zip 70 It's a spinning pyramid demo. In fact, this demo shows advantages of an universal texture mapper that expects only 3d coordinates of vertices and appropriate U and V coordinates in the texture image. Btw, it's also an ultrafast texturemapper. For more info on the subject, refer to PCGPE II texturemapping artice by Mark Feldman and article about texturemapping by Mikael Kalms. 28.03.00